Is Hideo Kojima Secret Banner Suggesting a new Game Release 2023?

It’s Tokyo Game Show at the present moment, which would be the ideal time for Japanese designers to uncover new titles. Be that as it may, Hideo Kojima Creations precluded itself, expressing it wouldn’t show any games at the current year’s occasion. All things considered, a secretive new page has sprung up on the studio’s site, bearing the beneath picture:

Hideo Kojima
 (Picture Credits: Kojima Productions)

Hideo Kojima Unusual Ways To Release his Work

Hideo Kojima
(Via Twitter)

Hideo Kojima has a background marked by disclosing his most recent works in uncommon ways, so this is really curbed. Obviously, it probably won’t be connected with another game; we as a whole realize the organization has a broad merchandise range, and Kojima’s been occupied recently advancing his podcast. Presently this could be anything.

The banner above is on the Kojima Creations site and was featured by a tweet from The Game Honors moderator Geoff Keighley, in spite of the fact that he did such with just a question mark, so the main thing to go on is the words ‘Who Am I?’

It could likewise be a continuation of Death Abandoning or it very well may be connected with the game purportedly named Overdose that Kojima Creations is dealing with Xbox. Purportedly, that is a wordy horror game based on Microsoft’s Purplish blue cloud innovation.

What Fans are Suspecting?

It could appear to be difficult to respond to that inquiry right now, for certain fans thinking that Kojima is beginning an ARG (substitute reality game – like the I Love Honey bees crusade for Halo 2) to uncover the game, however, the conspicuous first speculation is that the lady in the banner is Margaret Qualley.

Qualley played Mom in Death Stranding and is as far as anyone knows likewise playing the primary person in Overdose – or possibly she was available in the recording that spilled back in June.

Kojima has a rising propensity to project notable entertainers in his games thus the subject of ‘Who am I?’ could have a multifaceted nuance, as far as both the person and the individual playing her.

Twitter Post Shared by a Fan

As opposed to Qualley however, a few fans feel that it’s entertainer Elle Fanning, more youthful sister of Dakota Fanning, who made her presentation in a film called… I’m Sam.

The photographs truly do appear to coordinate, and the association between ‘Who am I?’ and ‘I’m Sam’ seems like the very kind of thing Kojima would do.

The main piece of information on the banner is the unusual logo at the base, which enigmatically seems to be an entryway or door and could likewise be shaping a ‘W’. Despite the fact that it doesn’t especially look like either thing.

Whether Kojima anticipated that individuals should figure out it was Elle Fanning or not is hazy, however, it actually doesn’t assist with figuring out what the game is. He’s as of now remembered to deal with up to three unique games, yet this doesn’t appear to be a secret for Dead Abandoning 2.

All About Hideo Kohima’s New Game

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